About Male Breast Reduction

Male gynaecomastia surgery, also known as male breast reduction, is a surgical procedure designed to address the enlargement of breast tissue in men. This common condition, often caused by hormonal imbalances, genetics, or certain medications, can lead to self-consciousness and a negative impact on self-esteem. Gynaecomastia surgery aims to create a more masculine chest contour by removing excess fat, glandular tissue, and (if needed) skin.

The surgical process typically involves liposuction to eliminate excess fat, excision of glandular tissue, and, if necessary, removal of excess skin. Dr Prochazka tailors his surgical plan based on each patient’s unique anatomy and the extent of the gynaecomastia. The procedure is generally performed under general anesthesia in a licensed hospital. Recovery time varies depending on the complexity of the surgery, but most patients only require a few days off work.

Post-surgery, patients may experience temporary swelling, bruising, and discomfort, but these symptoms usually subside over time. The results are usually long-lasting, providing a more defined and natural-looking chest.

Male gynaecomastia surgery not only enhances physical appearance but can also contribute to improved self-confidence and mental well-being, allowing individuals to feel more comfortable and secure in their bodies.

As with any surgical procedure, individuals considering male gynaecomastia surgery should consult with an experienced doctor to discuss their goals, expectations, and potential risks. Dr Tony Prochazka has been performing male gynaecomastia surgery for over ten years, and has successfully treated several hundred patients.